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Disabled Identification (DID) Card

Providing a unique disability initiative improving the lives of disabled people. Producing a much needed single recognised National Identification (DID) Card for all disabled people. This new style ID card is easy and simple and just one card! http://www.did-card.co.uk/

Special Needs and Parents

SNAP (Special Needs And Parents) is an Essex charity for families with children and young people who have special needs and disabilities. SNAP’s aims are to inform, encourage and support parents, allowing them to grow in strength and knowledge so they are better equipped to…

HTF Creative Ideas Fulfilling Lives

Hft is a national charity, providing services for people with learning disabilities throughout England. We support people to live the best lives possible – whether by providing support for just a couple of hours a week, or 24 hours a day.http://www.hft.org.uk/

Pyramid Educational Consultants UK Ltd

Pyramid is the exclusive home of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Pyramid Approach to Education. It offers a wide range of consulting services and products for educators and parents of children and adults with autism and related disabilities. Pyramid also offers a variety of…

Communities Empowerment Network (CEN

Communities Empowerment Network (CEN) aims to support, advise, represent and reintegrate pupils excluded from school back into full-time, mainstream education and to support parents to play an empowered role for the successful education and progress of their children.http://cenlive.org/ The following websites are about Benefits Information …


Special Educational Needs Disability Information Advice Support Service SENDIASS Newham is a statutory service designed to support parents / carers with children and young people age 0-25 with issues relating to their special educational needs and disability (SEND) provision. Support offered is free, impartial and…

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